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At Danks & Danks, we know that almost no one ever wants to go to court. But, sometimes you need to. You may need to fight for proper compensation for injuries you suffered in an accident. You may need to defend yourself against criminal charges that could ruin your life. You may need to fight for a divorce settlement that leaves you well-situated to go on and build the next chapter of your life. No matter why you may need to go to court, Danks & Danks is there to help you.

We have been working in our local courts for decades. We know how to build cases that are highly effective by tailoring them to the courts and attorneys who will be part of the case. Over the years we have built a solid record of success in part because of our knowledge of the local courts, but, also, the litigation and negotiation skills that we bring to them. We are known for our ability to produce real results for our clients.

Our clients are more than case files for us. That is another aspect of our firm that sets us apart. We believe that the strongest cases are built by getting to know our clients. By developing relationships with our clients we learn what will be the best outcome for them, and we build our cases toward achieving those goals.

You deserve that level of commitment from attorneys who can deliver highly effective representation.

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When you are facing challenging legal situations such as serious injuries from an accident, criminal charges or divorce, turn to Danks & Danks. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 812-647-6687 or contact us online.