A Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence accusations can become charges even if your accuser does not want to press charges. This means that you can find yourself facing very serious consequences immediately. You may be subject to the restrictions of a protective order that keeps you from:

  • Returning home
  • Seeing your children
  • Being able to keep your firearms
  • Being able to have contact through any means with the person you were accused of harming

You may also be forced to:

  • Abstain from alcohol and drugs with mandatory testing
  • Undergo anger management

Failing To Follow The Terms Of A Protective Order Is A Crime

What many people fail to realize is that failing to follow the conditions of a protective order is a crime itself. You can find yourself facing additional criminal charges if you violate your order. Many people think that if the other person is ok with contact, for example, then it is ok to contact them. This is not the case. The court does not care if you have permission to violate the order. It only cares whether you violated it or not.

We can help you understand the terms you are facing so that you can do all the right things to help yourself.

Can I Lose My Firearms?

As part of a protective order, you may have to turn your firearms over to the police temporarily. But, if you are convicted, there is a possibility of you losing the right to possess firearms at all. We know how important hunting and other firearm sports are to people in our area, and we are skilled at protecting their rights to possess firearms.

Decades Of Experience Fighting For People's Rights

At Danks & Danks, our firm knows the impact that domestic violence charges can have on people's lives, and we offer a defense that can help you weather these trying times. We have decades of experience that can help secure the best possible results for those facing domestic violence charges. Our knowledge of the local courts and our skills as litigators help us create the highly effective cases people deserve.

Domestic Violence Lawyers Serving Evansville, Vanderburgh County And Throughout Indiana

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