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Three children killed walking to school bus

School buses have been involved in accidents that caused injuries to their occupants. However, cars accidents involving students walking to or from their buses may be even more deadly. Three siblings were killed and another child was seriously injured when a pickup truck hit them as they were walking to their bus stop in Rochester, Indiana, on Oct. 29.

Court to decide whether lawsuit survives plaintiff's death

A lawsuit may be able to survive the plaintiff's death according to an appeal heard by the Indiana State Supreme Court earlier this month. After hearing arguments on this appeal, the court will decide whether medical providers will have to pay damages in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the patient's husband before he died.

His 44-year-old wife died after hernia surgery in Jan. 2006. He filed the lawsuit requesting damages for the loss of her earnings and wages, her services and loss of companionship, love, affection and support.

Those injured in motorcycle accidents deserve answers

It's true that motorcyclists can be partially, or fully, to blame when it comes to injuries. However, this is not true of all motorcycle accident injuries. Oftentimes, another driver's negligence plays a role in how a motorcyclist became injured in a crash. If you are wondering what led to your own or a loved one's motorcycle accident injuries, you can seek answers.

At Danks & Danks, we know just how important it is for those answers to be sought and received. We've helped countless clients and their families find resolutions in these terrible situations. Motorcycle accident injuries can be particularly life-changing, as the bike itself doesn't provide much protection. However, if these injuries were sustained due to another's negligence, one can seek damages.

Avoid downed power lines this winter in Indiana

Prevention is always the best course of action. With the temperature dropping and winds becoming more prevalent, it is critical to be aware of the dangers downed power lines pose. 

One common explanation for a downed power line is that it was a result of an auto accident. A driver can lose control and hit a pole independently, or two vehicles colliding with one another can take out nearby structures. Either way, there are essential steps you need to take. 

Drivers are unaware of technology safety limits

Blind spot monitoring systems, forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and other advanced driver assistance systems have the potential to dramatically improve safety on the nation's roadways. However, a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that the hope to limit car accidents is limited by driver misuse and misunderstanding of this technology.

Despite improved technology, there were over 37,400 traffic deaths in 2016, which was a five percent increase from one year earlier. Proper use of ADAS technologies could, however, prevent 40 percent of all vehicle accidents and 30 percent of traffic fatalities. If installed in all vehicles, ADAS technologies could have the potential to prevent over 2.7 million accidents, 1.1 million injuries and almost 9,500 fatalities each year.

New York limo accident kills 20

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a fatal Oct. 6 accident in Schoharie, New York that caused by a limousine that sped through a stop sign and killed 20 people. The results of the NTSB's investigation of this tragic accident could reveal deficiencies about the use of stretch limousines and the risks of commercial vehicle accidents in Indiana and across the country.

Technology could increase distracted driving

Any motorcyclist in the Evansville area knows that one of the biggest dangers to him or her is an inattentive driver.

Motorcycle unawareness can easily lead to a driver's pulling a car or even a large commercial out in front of a motorcyclist that is trying to turn, crowding the motorcyclist out of a lane or even just running the motorcycle over from behind. Any one of these mistakes can lead to serious or even fatal motorcycle accidents.

Factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

When an Indiana law enforcement official pulls you to the side of the road and believes you may have been drinking and driving, you can expect that he or she will request that you submit to a breath test using a device called a Breathalyzer. The Breathalyzer gives authorities an idea of your level of impairment behind the wheel, and its results will typically play a major role in whether you receive a conviction for such an offense.

The big problem with Breathalyzers, however, is that they do not always produce accurate results. In fact, there are numerous circumstances that can lead them to produce false results, which in turn can lead to a driving under the influence conviction and considerable associated penalties. Because so much depends on the results of your breath test, you want to feel confident that the results it reveals are completely accurate. Therefore, it is important that you recognize that the following factors have the potential to affect Breathalyzer accuracy.

What is the impact of sleep-deprivation on driving?

Sleep deprivation poses a risk to motorists. Drivers who sleep less than seven of the past 24 hours have a greater likelihood of being involved in and responsible for car accidents, according to a recent study published in "Sleep" magazine.

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