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What steps must be undertaken in family law court for divorce?

Divorce is a very common civil law action that many Indiana residents will experience during their lives. Divorce obviously ends with the termination of the spouses' marriage, but how do the spouses get to that point? This blog post will provide readers with a quick summary of the steps that must be undertaken during the divorce process.

Many divorces begin in the following way: First, one of the spouses - usually with the help of a lawyer - will draw up a petition to file with the court. The spouse will then have the petition and a summons served on the other spouse. The summons will notify the other spouse that the court expects them to answer the petition.

You don't have to face a wrongful death case alone

The loss of a loved one can be an emotionally devastating event. Family and friends must carry on without their loved one. Particularly for families, it can also be a financially devastating event. Funeral expenses and loss of income can be problematic. If the death in question happened because of the wrong actions of another party, there may be a way to hold that party accountable for their actions.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a car manufacturer facing questions about the design of one of its minivans. Last year, a teenager died after he was pinned inside his minivan after a foldaway seat allegedly malfunctioned. Members of Congress have raised questions about whether the tragic incident happened because of a defective seat design. Across the political spectrum, lawmakers and government officials have called on further investigation of the situation.

Congress may review Honda crushing death of teenager

Routine activities in a vehicle may prove to be fatal if the vehicle contains design flaws.

Information about the death of a high school sophomore crushed by a seat in his Honda Odyssey is being sought by the incoming chairperson of the House subcommittee that oversees the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This fatal accident demonstrates how allegations of unsafe design and inaction can combine into a potential wrongful death case.

Can you regain driving privileges after a DUI suspension?

An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol may be something you never imagined could happen to you. It is a frightening experience.

However, the worst part of the entire process may be the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Is there a way to regain your driving privileges?

Commercial vehicle deaths rising

Deaths from crashes involving large trucks and buses rose in 2017, the latest year that figures are available. Speeding was among the major culprits of this increase in commercial vehicle accidents, according to the assistant administrator and chief safety officer of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

There were 5,005 people killed in a fatal truck or bus crash in 2017. This was a steep rise from the 3,193 fatalities reported in 2009. Class 3 vehicles, essentially pickup trucks being used for commercial business, were a rising percentage of these deadly crashes. Most of those fatalities were occupants of the passenger vehicles in those crashes.

Shutdown puts brakes on NHTSA safety investigations

The ongoing government shutdown has impacted the public and users of government services in many ways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal agency responsible for investigating defects in vehicles, suspended this duty during the shutdown. This imperils safety and may increase the risks of car accidents caused by defective vehicles.

Last week, the NHTSA said that its investigators will not conduct safety defect investigations of cars, trucks and SUVs. They will not perform other safety functions such as field crash investigations, review consumer complaints and provide new vehicle and equipment recalls.

Stretch limo rides are not always a celebration

Stretch limousines have been used as transportation for weddings or birthdays because these vehicles can hold more than dozen partiers and keep drunk drivers off the road. However, the absence of regulations have increased the odd of commercial vehicle accidents involving limousines.

Statistically, limousines are comparatively safe. There was only one limo-related death among 34,439 traffic fatalities in 2016. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 12 accidents involving limousines over the last five years. But the death of 17 limo passengers, its driver and two bystanders in a New York crash in Oct. raised concerns about the safety of these vehicles.

The 2018 rush to courthouse

The end of the deductibility for Indiana spousal support payments ends on the stroke of midnight this New Year's Eve. This change to the tax law sparked a rush to the courthouse and changes in family law planning for couples.

As part of the widespread changes to the federal tax law passed in 2017, Congress ended the long-standing deductibility for spousal support starting on Jan. 1. This will also eliminate the requirement that recipient spouses report these payments as ordinary income. Child support will not, as in the past, be deductible to the payer or taxable to the recipient.

How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

Today’s commercial truck drivers often face long hours, inconsistent schedules and lengthy stints by themselves, among other hardships, but in some cases, these tough conditions are leading semitruck drivers to take risks that endanger everyone on the road. According to the results of 36 different studies, many truck drivers admit to using drugs and alcohol while on the job, and they do so despite the fact that their careless actions can dramatically hinder their ability to drive.

Just how common is substance abuse in today’s trucking industry, and how do substance-abusing truckers endanger you and your loved ones?

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