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Stepparent adoption in Indiana

In most cases, a blended family in Evansville is going to remain blended in the common sense of the term. The child will have one relationship with his or her parent and stepparent, but will also maintain a relationship with his or her other biological parent.

There are cases, however, in which the child's other parent is simply not part of his or her life, and the stepparent raises the child to such an extent that the child starts to see the stepparent as dad or mom. In these sorts of cases, stepparent adoption is an option.

Assistance navigating the aftermath of an accident

A previous post on this blog discussed different types of accidents that commonly lead to wrongful death lawsuits getting filed by grieving Evansville, Indiana families. No matter the cause, though, the weight a grieving family must feel both emotionally and financially is tremendous. In addition to the shock of losing a loved one, the family must also immediately deal with medical bills, funeral expenses and, in many cases, the loss of someone's income which they may have relied on for support.

Our law office prides itself on lifting at least some of the burden the grieving family faces after an untimely and preventable death. With over 60 years' experience in wrongful death cases between our attorneys, we are prepared to help handle an unfortunate situation with compassion but also with zeal for getting the job done right and getting compensation that the family will no doubt need.

3 common causes of wrongful death

Nothing is more precious than life, and it is every person's responsibility to act with an awareness of the lives around them. Unfortunately, negligence and deliberate disregard lead to fatalities in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this number is as high as 135,928 every year. These fatal, unintentional injuries are only made more tragic by the fact that they might have been prevented.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one who has died under such circumstances, you should understand the legal recourse options you have available. This is especially true if the person's death was due to any of the following common causes of wrongful death and injury in the United States:

Man arrested after Evansville resident dies of overdose

Residents of Indiana and the surrounding states all likely know that a drug charge, particularly if the charge involves selling drugs, is a serious matter. As a recent case in the local news illustrates, these charges are particularly serious if they arise in connection with someone's death by overdose.

An Evansville man has been arrested and, reportedly, ordered held without bail in connection with anotherEvansville man's death on account of a heroin overdose. Police claim the man they arrest sold the deceased person the drug he used to overdose.

How can I avoid a long and drawn out divorce?

After many years of marriage in Indiana, you are ready to divorce your spouse. The one person who used to be your closest ally and friend may become your enemy and try to challenge you at every turn during your divorce. Instead of fighting with your ex, you should look for ways to speed up the situation to avoid the additional stress and financial burden that long and drawn out divorces bring. 

Here are some suggestions on how to shorten the amount of time it takes to finalize your divorce. 

How other drivers can stay safe around motorcycles

Many drivers in the Evansville, Indiana, area have probably seen signs for campaigns designed to warn people to be on the look out for motorcyclists and "share the road." These signs offer good advice, of course, especially since a collision with another vehicle, or even a near miss, leaves a motorcyclist highly vulnerable to serious injuries.

What other drivers might wonder is what staying safe around a motorcycle looks like, as it involves some special considerations and precautions that one might not take, or take to a lesser degree, when encountering another full-sized car on the road.

We hold fatigued truck drivers and their employers accountable

A recent post on this blog talked about how many of the truck drivers and their trucking firms who travel through the Evansville, Indiana, area and surrounding vicinity are subject to federal rules requiring drivers to rest from time to time while on the road. These rules are there to prevent fatigued driving.

As many Evansville residents know, fatigued driving is a serious hazard on the roadways of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. A fatigued truck driver, operating a large commercial vehicle, is likely to cause extensive damage in a crash if he or she falls asleep at the wheel or is just too tired to react in time to a stop sign or a sudden change in the road.

The federal hours of service rules

It being close to the border of two other states, Evansville sees many truckers and other commercial vehicles passing through on their way to deliver property or passengers to a location in a state other than Indiana. Many of these truckers are subject to federal regulation.

For those which are subject to federal regulation, the drivers have to follow certain rules which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration designed to prevent driver fatigue and, as a result of that fatigue, serious commercial vehicle accidents that have the potential to leave an Evansville resident seriously injured or even dead.

Employee, boss arrested in attempted arson case

A man from Evansville is facing charges that he attempted to burn down the house of his ex-girlfriend and also tried to burn her vehicle. It was not clear exactly how large of a fire this man allegedly attempted to set, nor was it clear whether this was the result of a dispute between he and his ex-girlfriend, who at one point were engaged to be married.

According to policy, this was not the first incident involving the man and his ex-girlfriend. A few days prior to the alleged arson attempt, the man reportedly rammed his car in to the back of his ex-girlfriend's car and then supposedly chased her as she tried to get away from him on foot. While police say the man has confessed to the allegations against him, his exact statements and the circumstances surrounding them are not available.

How does alcohol affect one's driving abilities?

Since the end of Prohibition, Hoosiers have been enjoying alcoholic beverages for a number of occasions. Many partake in drinking socially, while others do so as a way to relax. Still others suffer from a drinking problem that is pervasive in their day-to-day lives. None of these forms of alcohol consumption are illegal, but when these individuals choose to take to the road, they may break the law and cause a serious car accident that leaves unsuspecting motorists with significant harm. Unfortunately, these types of accidents occur more commonly than we like to think.

So why do so many Hoosiers drive drunk? There can be a number of reasons, but for most it is their failure to recognize how alcohol affects their driving abilities. This is because alcohol is a depressant, which can directly affect an individual's ability to judge their capabilities. Therefore, they may fail to recognize that alcohol impairs their reaction time, vision, tracking, concentration, comprehension, and coordination. Many also fail to recognize that their driving abilities can be impaired after just one alcoholic beverage, and the impact can vary significantly based on the type of drink consumed and the consumer's weight.

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