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Restaurant accused of food poisoning death

A wrongful death is not limited to construction mishaps or fatal car accidents. For example, a woman filed a lawsuit against a Mexican restaurant in West Lafayette in August for the death of her husband and for the injury she suffered from food poisoning.

The plaintiff and her husband were hospitalized for flu-like symptoms after they had a family lunch at the restaurant. However, he died four days later. The county coroner ruled that food poisoning from the restaurant was the cause of his death.

Meth blamed for fatal bus crash

The national meth crisis has led to impaired driving and now plays a role in commercial vehicle accidents. Indiana State Police recently arrested a 46-year-old bus driver for reckless homicide and other charges because he was allegedly high on meth when his bus crashed into the back of a minivan. Three people were killed in the July 2017 accident.

On July 22, the minivan and other vehicles were idling in a construction zone north of Bloomington. The bus collision caused a chain reaction with these vehicles. It was traveling at 65 mph before the crash, according to its GPS system. Three occupants in the minivan were killed in the bus crash. Three other people in the vehicles suffered injuries.

NTSB cautions on driverless cars

Motorists in Indiana and across the country have anticipated the availability of automated vehicles. However, the National Transportation Safety Board has urged caution over the introduction of driverless and automated vehicles and their possible role in car accidents.

The NTSB investigated and recently issued its final analysis of the fatal May 7, 2016, crash of a Tesla Model S that was equipped with an autopilot device. The Tesla's driver was killed in the collision with a truck in Florida.

Divorcing a mentally ill spouse: Things to consider

Living with a spouse in Evansville who has a mental illness can be hard. You may feel as if you are on a constant rollercoaster from all the changes you have experienced with your partner up until this point in your life. You may feel guilty about divorcing your partner, but staying in a relationship that is unhealthy can prove toxic and chaotic for the entire family. 

It is important for you to understand how difficult divorce can be when there is mental illness involved. You should be cautious about how you approach the situation because it could become dangerous for you and your children. Before you proceed with your separation, take the following information into consideration: 

Wrongful death lawsuits continue after van crash

There are many causes of commercial vehicle accidents, such as impaired or negligent drivers and defective equipment. Two years after a fatal van accident in Indiana, litigants are pursuing numerous claims and arguing that the cause of the accident was an unsafe vehicle or a drunk driver.

On September 24, 2015, 24 Washington residents were passengers on a van driving to work at AmeriQual in Evansville. On Interstate 69 near Mackey, a tire on the van blew as its driver was passing another car. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed, killing a 60-year-old female passenger and another 29-year-old passenger who was pregnant. The victim's baby was able to be saved. Other passengers were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

Making self-driving vehicles safe

Prevention of commercial vehicle accidents in Indiana and across the United States has been a long-standing problem. Congress, however, must now address the new technological and legal challenges posed by self-driving commercial vehicles.

Senators are trying to complete mark-up of a bill by Columbus Day that would regulate these vehicles and address fears about safety, cybersecurity and the possible loss of commercial vehicle driving jobs. The House passed a bill governing self-driving vehicles earlier this month but did not address trucking because the committee that approved this proposal did not have jurisdiction over trucking matters.

Should you wear a motorcycle helmet?

As you might imagine, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Even the best riders cannot predict the behavior of passenger car drivers. The potential ignorance and recklessness of others on the road make motorcyclists 26 times more likely to die in an accident than those in a passenger car, according to the Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety.

Motorcyclists are very exposed as they ride. With nothing surrounding them, the impact of an accident will not be absorbed by a car frame. The gear that could possibly protect or even save the life of a motorcyclist lies only in the clothes he or she is wearing, and his or her helmet. While a helmet limits your vision, stifles your ability to hear and is rather cumbersome overall, they do protect your head and brain in an accident.

Car accidents can happen to anyone

When you use the roads each day, you hope that each driver is being as safe as possible. You should always be on the lookout for distracted or reckless drivers as well as dangerous weather conditions that make driving even more dangerous than it already is. Despite your cautiousness and the carefulness of those around you, it is still possible something catastrophic may occur: a car accident.

Suffering a car accident can have steep consequences. Your car insurance rates will increase and insurance representatives or agents will continually hassle you. Your vehicle may be damaged, and you will need to invest in repairs or even a new vehicle. Worst of all, you may suffer an injury. If it is serious enough, you may struggle to pay medical expenses, miss work and lose wages.

Important factors of a wrongful death case

When you lose a loved one, it can be very hard, both emotionally and financially. If the loss is due to the negligible acts of someone else, you and your loved ones may benefit from a wrongful death case.

In order to win your case, it is critical you understand and implement the process properly. There are a few important factors to know about a wrongful death case.

FMCSA has acted decisively to prevent a common problem

Indiana residents probably recognize almost intuitively that texting and driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, even many truckers and other drivers of big commercial vehicles sometimes cannot resist the temptation to look at an email or send a quick text while driving along on the highway.

This sort of behavior, although seemingly innocent or, at the most, a minor offense, can lead to severe and even fatal commercial vehicle accidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates many of the truckers who travel in Evansville and throughout the Tri-State area, drivers who engage in texting and driving are over 23 times more likely to be in an accident, have a near miss or have another severe safety slip like changing lanes suddenly and without warning.

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