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Being injured in a commercial vehicle accident in Indiana is no small thing. If you have been injured in one of these wrecks, then you've likely experienced physical, emotional and financial harm that can lead to pain and suffering, limitations to your everyday life and monetary shortfalls. Your stress levels may be through the roof, and your anger leave you thirsting to seek justice against those who turned your life upside down. If this is the case, then you may want to consider the legal options available to you.

For many in this situation, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is an option. Succeeding on these lawsuits can mean recovering compensation to help pay for hospital expenses and recoup lost wages. Victims who win on their claims can also obtain a sense of justice, knowing that those who acted negligently and caused them harm where held accountable.

But successfully pursuing one of these claims isn't always easy, and even those who are able to impose liability may not always be able to recover enough compensation to cover the full extent of their damages. This is why the legal team at Danks & Danks aims to pursue every legal avenue available to their clients, including vicarious liability claims against truck companies who employ negligent drivers. By suing both a negligent driver and his or her employer, a victim may have the ability to reach deeper pockets to fully cover their losses.

Going up against a commercial vehicle company can be challenging, though. This companies often have extensive resources at their disposal, including competent and aggressive defense attorneys. At our firm, we carefully analyze every claim we handle to ensure that we sniff out any weaknesses that the defense might try to exploit. We then search for physical evidence and witness testimony that can strengthen our clients' claims. Our team is also knowledgeable about the rules of evidence, which means we can make proper objections that could preserve a case for appeal or even get some of the defense's evidence suppressed. Every case is different, though, which is why commercial vehicle accident victims should be sure that, when choosing a firm, they choose one that will give them the individualized attention they deserve.

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