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Facing criminal charges? Consider acquiring legal help

There are many aspects to a criminal prosecution. Physical evidence must be gathered, witnesses must testify, and prosecutors must put it all together with convincing legal arguments that persuade a jury that a defendant is guilty before a conviction can be obtained. Even each of these elements have smaller, yet just as complex, issues. For example, as we discussed on the blog last week, physical evidence may be drawn into questions when the legality of a search and seizure is at issue. Other matters, like chain of custody and witness bias, can play a critical role in a criminal case, too.

For this reason, those who are facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing need to understand the statutory and case law that applies to their situation, as well as the rules of evidence and trial. After all, aggressive prosecutors will often try to exploit one's legal inexperience, and an individual can only protect him or herself if he or she raises timely objections. This is why many Hoosiers turn to qualified criminal defense teams, like the one at Danks & Danks, for legal representation.

Our firm, with years of experience handling criminal cases, knows common tactics used by prosecutors and how to fight back against them. We know how to utilize the law and evidentiary rules to our clients' advantage so that the prosecution can't steamroll their way to a conviction.

Our attorneys also know what is at stake in a criminal case. A conviction can lead to prison, fines, and permanent damage to an individual's reputation. With that in mind, we treat every case as if it were our own, meaning that we give our clients the personalized, thorough, and aggressive advocacy they deserve.

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