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How does alcohol affect one's driving abilities?

Since the end of Prohibition, Hoosiers have been enjoying alcoholic beverages for a number of occasions. Many partake in drinking socially, while others do so as a way to relax. Still others suffer from a drinking problem that is pervasive in their day-to-day lives. None of these forms of alcohol consumption are illegal, but when these individuals choose to take to the road, they may break the law and cause a serious car accident that leaves unsuspecting motorists with significant harm. Unfortunately, these types of accidents occur more commonly than we like to think.

So why do so many Hoosiers drive drunk? There can be a number of reasons, but for most it is their failure to recognize how alcohol affects their driving abilities. This is because alcohol is a depressant, which can directly affect an individual's ability to judge their capabilities. Therefore, they may fail to recognize that alcohol impairs their reaction time, vision, tracking, concentration, comprehension, and coordination. Many also fail to recognize that their driving abilities can be impaired after just one alcoholic beverage, and the impact can vary significantly based on the type of drink consumed and the consumer's weight.

Decreases in these critical skill sets can set an individual up for dangerous driving. Poor reaction time, for example, may make it difficult for a driver to slow down in time to avoid hitting slowed or stopped traffic, and poor concentration can cause an individual to speed, swerve into oncoming traffic, and take turns that are too wide.

Those who have been injured in a drunk driving accident can face serious damages that are both economic and noneconomic in nature. Medical expenses and lost wages can rock one's financial stability, while the physical and emotional pain and suffering felt can be overwhelming. In an attempt to recoup compensation for these losses and find accountability, drunk driving accident victims can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them.

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