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Employee, boss arrested in attempted arson case

A man from Evansville is facing charges that he attempted to burn down the house of his ex-girlfriend and also tried to burn her vehicle. It was not clear exactly how large of a fire this man allegedly attempted to set, nor was it clear whether this was the result of a dispute between he and his ex-girlfriend, who at one point were engaged to be married.

According to policy, this was not the first incident involving the man and his ex-girlfriend. A few days prior to the alleged arson attempt, the man reportedly rammed his car in to the back of his ex-girlfriend's car and then supposedly chased her as she tried to get away from him on foot. While police say the man has confessed to the allegations against him, his exact statements and the circumstances surrounding them are not available.

Interestingly, the man's employer also got arrested in connection with this case. Police say that the employer tried to help the man hide from police so that police had to work harder to find the man. Beyond that, the exact nature of the case against the employer was not clear, and there is no mention as to what he told police, if anything.

Both of these men are facing serious consequences, including felony charges, and will likely want to consider having an attorney help them put together a thorough and assertive criminal defense against the pending charges. These charges can affect each one of these men permanently in many ways, and it will be important for them to know and insist upon their rights.

Source: News 14, "Evansville man accused of attempted arson," Kenny Douglass, July 4, 2017.

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