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Police on call for broken window arrest 2 on drug charges

Evansville police arrested two occupants of an apartment in the area after they allegedly found several different types of drugs in the apartment unit, including evidence of an operation involving the growing of marijuana. Several drug charges are now pending against the apartment's occupants.

Stepparent adoption in Indiana

In most cases, a blended family in Evansville is going to remain blended in the common sense of the term. The child will have one relationship with his or her parent and stepparent, but will also maintain a relationship with his or her other biological parent.

Assistance navigating the aftermath of an accident

A previous post on this blog discussed different types of accidents that commonly lead to wrongful death lawsuits getting filed by grieving Evansville, Indiana families. No matter the cause, though, the weight a grieving family must feel both emotionally and financially is tremendous. In addition to the shock of losing a loved one, the family must also immediately deal with medical bills, funeral expenses and, in many cases, the loss of someone's income which they may have relied on for support.

3 common causes of wrongful death

Nothing is more precious than life, and it is every person's responsibility to act with an awareness of the lives around them. Unfortunately, negligence and deliberate disregard lead to fatalities in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this number is as high as 135,928 every year. These fatal, unintentional injuries are only made more tragic by the fact that they might have been prevented.

Man arrested after Evansville resident dies of overdose

Residents of Indiana and the surrounding states all likely know that a drug charge, particularly if the charge involves selling drugs, is a serious matter. As a recent case in the local news illustrates, these charges are particularly serious if they arise in connection with someone's death by overdose.

How can I avoid a long and drawn out divorce?

After many years of marriage in Indiana, you are ready to divorce your spouse. The one person who used to be your closest ally and friend may become your enemy and try to challenge you at every turn during your divorce. Instead of fighting with your ex, you should look for ways to speed up the situation to avoid the additional stress and financial burden that long and drawn out divorces bring. 

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