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3 common causes of wrongful death

Nothing is more precious than life, and it is every person's responsibility to act with an awareness of the lives around them. Unfortunately, negligence and deliberate disregard lead to fatalities in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this number is as high as 135,928 every year. These fatal, unintentional injuries are only made more tragic by the fact that they might have been prevented.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one who has died under such circumstances, you should understand the legal recourse options you have available. This is especially true if the person's death was due to any of the following common causes of wrongful death and injury in the United States:

Auto accidents

Car accidents are one of the top causes of avoidable fatalities, and it is no surprise why. Drivers often underestimate the power they have while operating a vehicle, and a careless mistake can easily cause a major collision. Such accidents are especially common when they happen to involve motorcycles and 18-wheelers, which can pose a unique set of risks on the road.

Medical malpractice

When you visit a doctor or another health care practitioner, you trust her or him to provide sound and safe treatment. Often, however, stress precedes negligence and medical providers give care that is either unhelpful or actively harmful. When people's lives are at stake, such mistakes can be deadly, and they unfortunately often are. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Americans are killed each year because of such negligence.

Workplace injuries

The workplace should be safe, but too often, it is an environment of danger for employees. This is true for people with naturally hazardous jobs-such as construction workers-but it is true of retail, office and medical workers, too. Anybody can be exposed to risk in the workplace that causes injury and even death. Unsafe work conditions lead to many fatalities that occur every year across various industries.

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