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How can I avoid a long and drawn out divorce?

After many years of marriage in Indiana, you are ready to divorce your spouse. The one person who used to be your closest ally and friend may become your enemy and try to challenge you at every turn during your divorce. Instead of fighting with your ex, you should look for ways to speed up the situation to avoid the additional stress and financial burden that long and drawn out divorces bring. 

Here are some suggestions on how to shorten the amount of time it takes to finalize your divorce. 

Know your assets 

Many divorcing couples do not know which of their assets are subject to equitable distribution. They may assume that everything they own separately and jointly is fair game. Take some time to examine your financial situation and take inventory of each joint and individual asset you have. Keep in mind that inheritances and most premarital property remain individually owned and are not shared in a divorce. 

Move out of your home 

There may be reasons why you feel that moving out of the marital home is best. However, you should consider if you can reasonably afford to do so. Maintaining two households during divorce is challenging, expensive and can lead to more stress. If you have children, you will also need to make arrangements to accommodate them. Consider all options. You may find it easier and more affordable for you and your partner to remain in the marital home until the judge signs your divorce papers. 

Consider a collaborative separation 

If you and your spouse are still on good speaking terms, you may benefit from a collaborative divorce. You can discuss the terms surrounding your separation and negotiate the division of your assets, child custody, parenting time and other important matters. A collaborative divorce can speed up the process because you can meet when it is convenient for you to hammer out the details. Once you have everything resolved, a judge will review your agreement. If he or she accepts it, the judge will sign off on your divorce papers. If you and your partner are still at each other’s throats about things, then you may need to seek out methods to resolve your divorce. 

Many things can complicate your divorce. It is hard to plan for every twist and turn your situation might take. Planning for your divorce in advance can help you to avoid some of the challenges that may cause it to drag on longer than you like.

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