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Police on call for broken window arrest 2 on drug charges

Evansville police arrested two occupants of an apartment in the area after they allegedly found several different types of drugs in the apartment unit, including evidence of an operation involving the growing of marijuana. Several drug charges are now pending against the apartment's occupants.

The interesting part of this story is why the police came to the apartment in the first place. According to reports, the police came to the unit because the landlord had notice that the apartment had a broken window, and the landlord wanted the window to be fixed.

It was not clear why the landlord needed the police to assist with the broken window, but when the police knocked on the door, one of the tenants opened the door. Police then say they observed drug paraphernalia in "plain view," which is a legal term meaning the police did not have to go in to the apartment to see it. After looking through the apartment, police also uncovered pills, methamphetamine and the marijuana plans.

One of the tenants has allegedly claimed responsibility for the marijuana plants, but that has not protected the other tenant, the man's girlfriend, from criminal charges. As with all Indiana drug charges, the couple is now facing the possibility of a felony conviction along with everything that comes with it, including prison time, lengthy and strict probation terms, costly fines and fees and a diminished reputation which could make finding a job difficult.

Both of these people will likely want to consult with a criminal defense attorney before deciding on their next step, especially since there may be some interesting questions pertaining to the police's search of the apartment.

Source: Tristate.com, "EPD: marijuana plants, pills, meth found in apartment," Aug. 18, 2017

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