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Divorcing a mentally ill spouse: Things to consider

Living with a spouse in Evansville who has a mental illness can be hard. You may feel as if you are on a constant rollercoaster from all the changes you have experienced with your partner up until this point in your life. You may feel guilty about divorcing your partner, but staying in a relationship that is unhealthy can prove toxic and chaotic for the entire family. 

It is important for you to understand how difficult divorce can be when there is mental illness involved. You should be cautious about how you approach the situation because it could become dangerous for you and your children. Before you proceed with your separation, take the following information into consideration: 

Get professional help 

Do not attempt to divorce your partner without getting outside help. You may think you know how she or he may react upon learning of your feelings and that you are planning to leave, but what you must keep in mind is that people who are mentally ill can become unstable in times of high stress. Seek out professional help from a mental health expert and therapist so you can avoid complications that may draw your separation out and endanger you and your loved ones. 

Can affect child custody 

Any claims of mental instability and illness will force the courts to carefully and closely examine all accusations and evidence before deciding on child custody and visitation matters. If your spouse’s condition has the potential (or has in the past) to impact the health and safety of your kids, the courts will base ruling on the best interests of your children

Your spouse may not lose her or his parental rights or the right to share custody or visitation of kids. Depending on the circumstances, the court may restrict access to the kids by ordering supervised visitation. In cases where there is evidence showing your spouse might be unfit to raise kids, the courts may intervene and terminate parental rights. 

There are a lot of factors for you to consider when divorcing a mentally ill spouse, and some decisions are better off left to the courts to decide. Spare yourself the drama and stress the situation can bring by considering your options and getting assistance from an expert.

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