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Should you wear a motorcycle helmet?

As you might imagine, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Even the best riders cannot predict the behavior of passenger car drivers. The potential ignorance and recklessness of others on the road make motorcyclists 26 times more likely to die in an accident than those in a passenger car, according to the Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety.

Motorcyclists are very exposed as they ride. With nothing surrounding them, the impact of an accident will not be absorbed by a car frame. The gear that could possibly protect or even save the life of a motorcyclist lies only in the clothes he or she is wearing, and his or her helmet. While a helmet limits your vision, stifles your ability to hear and is rather cumbersome overall, they do protect your head and brain in an accident.

Indeed, in one study, it was concluded that wearing a motorcycle helmet significantly reduces the risk of both head injuries and death. Additionally, the Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety cite many studies concluding the overall increased safety of wearing a helmet as well as the reduction of negative economic impacts. There is no doubt that wearing a motorcycle helmet could save your life should the worst happen.

Motorcyclists wearing helmets will not prevent all motorcycle accidents, however. It is important that drivers of passenger cars be mindful of motorcycles and give motorcyclists the respect and space other cars and drivers are granted on the road. A helmet is a helpful and perhaps essential preventative measure, but the safety of motorcyclists and other drivers will increase if all of us take accountability on the road.

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