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2 tactics to help fathers fight for child custody

If you are a father and fighting for custody of your kids, you might fear that the courts will rule in your ex-partner's favor. Though courts have historically awarded custody to mothers, things are changing. As an Evansville area resident, you generally can expect for the courts to take your role and relationship with your kids into consideration with the same weight they would consider their other parent. 

You have rights as a father. You might not know what they are and be struggling to get the outcome you want. Here are some things for you to consider that may help as you endeavor to get a favorable child custody decision

Write down your goals 

Think about how often or little you see your kids. Make a list of goals you hope to achieve in your child custody case. If you want more time with them, to see them several days during the week instead of only on the weekends, or to have sole custody, be sure to include your reasons. 

Stay calm 

Depending on how things are between you and the other parent, you might encounter some resistance on your ex's part when it is time for you to see and spend time with your kids. If your ex keeps them away from you, does not allow you to visit or see them, and interferes with your relationship with them, write down every incident and stay calm. Do not allow your ex-partner's antics to cause you to derail your case. You might feel angry and want to say negative things to express yourself. Refrain from doing so, or you risk your kids' other parent using your actions against you. 

Your children's other parent may be willing to fight you with everything she or he has to keep you from your kids. It can be very important that you learn what your rights are, watch your actions and obey all court orders. You might want to speak with an attorney to learn options to help you get a child custody order that works best for you and your kids.

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