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Motorcyclists face greater risks

All drivers and passengers face the risk of another motorist's negligence or recklessness or an impaired, speeding or distracted driver. Motorcyclists face even greater peril.

Occupants in cars or trucks are safeguarded by their vehicle's body, airbags, seatbelts and other safety features. Motorcyclists, at best, receive protection from a helmet.

Cyclists also face other unique hazards. These include uneven pavement, road and airborne debris and drivers who suffer from motorcycle unawareness and fail to yield because of the cycle's smaller size and lack of visibility.

A motorcycle also suffers from a dangerous disadvantage in collisions with other larger two-ton vehicles. Injuries are compounded because there is no barrier between a motorcyclist and their passengers and other vehicles or the road during an accident.

Our firm has over 60 years of experience representing victims of these accidents who suffer serious and often catastrophic injuries from other negligent or reckless drivers or property owners. We are familiar with representing clients in courts in Evansville, Vanderburgh County and throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

Our lawyers know how to gather evidence of negligence, recklessness or unlawful conduct and pursuing accident investigations. We can present proof for reasonable and fair compensation to pay for the care of broken bones, road rash, a spinal cord, back or head injury or other catastrophic injuries. Our firm can also assure that wages and other losses are covered.

Attorneys at Danks & Danks can deal with experts, police, insurance companies, physicians and defense attorneys. We will fight for your rights at settlement negotiations, discovery proceedings and court trials and appeals.

Please contact us at Danks & Danks immediately after an accident to learn how we can help you during the traumatic time after a motorcycle accident and prepare for the filing of a timely lawsuit.

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