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Keeping your children's interests first in divorce

One instinct that often helps to fuel the drama in divorce is self-preservation. If your relationship has ended up in divorce court in Evansville, you might want to tread carefully. It is natural for you to want to do everything to ensure your personal interests come first in the negotiations and settlement. But if you have children, your interests should come secondary to their well-being.

Rental car rights drive forward

Most people in Evansville have been pulled over by police while driving, or know someone who has. Sometimes these traffic stops lead to criminal charges. In such situations, one's criminal defense strategy often depends on what happened when the police stopped the defendant in their vehicle and searched for drugs and other evidence. The U.S. Supreme Court recently expanded constitutional protections by ruling that people who borrow rental cars from a friend or family member generally have the same protections as the car's authorized driver during police searches. Prior to this ruling, police could pull over rent-a-car drivers who commit a minor traffic violation, because they could then search the car if that driver was not listed on the rental application.

Cars: Newer, regulated and safer for Indianans

People in Indiana may believe that newer can be better when it comes to cars, and at least one study agrees. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that newer vehicles suffered substantially fewer car accidents than older models. The NHTSA study also indicated that the severity of an occupant's injuries increased with the age of the vehicle.

Drowning blamed on car manufacturer and apartment

Safety defects and failure to warn about dangers can lead to tragic deaths. Those in Indiana who lose a loved one in such situations may want more information about pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. In one case, inadequate safety measures and an unrepaired recalled vehicle were blamed for a fatal car accident that led to the drowning of a man who was not even in the vehicle.

Did your car accident cause traumatic brain injury?

People can suffer traumatic brain injury if they sustain a blow to the head. Car crashes rank among top causes of TBI, along with falls and being struck with objects, because they typically involve an impact, often when the vehicle has been traveling at a high speed. In such cases, TBI can be a possibility even without a direct impact to the head because the force of the stop causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull.

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