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Commercial vehicle accidents changing

Technology and changing consumer tastes have modernized transportation. However, these changes have also led to different and potentially more severe commercial vehicle accidents.

Ride-sharing services expand options beyond taxis and bring convenient transportation with the ease of using a phone app. But, there have been accidents and even allegations of assaults from drivers who were unqualified, impaired or not properly vetted.

I-phones aid rapid response to passenger requests and guide vehicles to their destinations. These have also compounded the dangers of distracted driving.

Distracted driving, in the past, usually involved taking the eyes off the road to switch radio channels, speaking to a passenger or eating. Now, technology has introduced even bigger and longer distractions such as texting and driving, talking on the phone, surfing the internet and emailing.

Passengers and other motorists also continue to face the long-standing dangers of driver fatigue or a driver who is impaired by alcohol or drugs. An improperly serviced or maintained vehicle also poses risks.

In addition to the pain that is afflicted, accidents have other life-altering consequences. These take away or restrict the ability to work, cause injuries requiring long stays in health care facilities and change a person's quality of life. These crashes have also led to death.

Danks & Danks has sought justice for victims of commercial vehicle accidents in Evansville, Vanderburgh County and throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois for over 50 years. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with seeking evidence and pursing compensation in courts and settlement negotiations. We know our way around a courtroom and have the skills needed for appearing before judges and juries and advocating against other lawyers.

Please visit our webpage to learn more about how Danks & Danks can help you during the difficult time after an accident.

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