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How influential is evidence in a criminal case?

Perhaps you are familiar with many of the popular TV shows that center on law and crime. Some simplify the legal process whereas others show obstacle after obstacle or dramatic trials. None is fully accurate at depicting the criminal justice system. This fact may leave you without the correct knowledge of how influential evidence really is in a criminal case.

The focus tends to be on evidence, witness testimonies, alibis and any other type of proof. But just how much of an impact do these have?

Evidence does not guarantee an outcome

It may seem that evidence in favor or against a suspect will lead to a specific outcome. However, that is usually not true because many additional factors play a role in the strength and legality of evidence. The method and timing of both the collection and testing of evidence can determine how it will affect the case. For example, if law enforcement did not acquire the evidence through legal means, then the court will not permit it. The judge may not allow even legally obtained evidence if it does not meet other requirements.

Evidence can also end up being incorrect, such as eyewitness testimonies. After the presentation of all the evidence, it is up to the judge (or jury) to interpret the evidence, determine its fulfillment of the standard of proof and make a decision.

How this affects your case

It is important to understand this so you know not to give up on your criminal case just because there may be what you deem solid evidence against you. With so many factors involved regarding proof and criminal proceedings, it would be unwise to believe a specific outcome will occur and to base your legal decisions on this uncertain future. It is better to review all your options with your attorney before agreeing to any deals or pleas. You may even be able to disprove the evidence.

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