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Most transportation deaths occur on highways

Americans use many modes of transportations. Highway crashes, such as car accidents, cause most transportation deaths, according to the National Transportation Safety Board's report issued earlier this month.

The NTSB found that there were 37,133 fatalities attributable to highway crashes in 2017. This comprised 95 percent of the 38,958 transportation-related deaths last year. Compared to 2016, there were 673 fewer deaths in highway accidents last year.

There were fewer deaths associated with accidents involving passenger cars, light trucks, vans, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles and other cycles, and buses. However, deaths in accidents involving medium and light trucks rose from 725 in 2016 to 841 in 2017.

Even though there were drops in those categories, deaths remained high. In 2017, there were 13,363 car accident fatalities, while 5,977 pedestrians lost their lives. That year also had 5,172 motorcycle deaths and 10,188 fatalities related to accidents involving light trucks and vans. Excessive speed, distracted driving, impaired and sleepy drivers are major causes of highway accidents, according to the NTSB.

Fatalities in all transportation accidents dropped by 712 in 2017 from the 39,670 reported in 2016. Rail transportation had the largest increase with 761 deaths in 2017 compared to 703 in 2016. Pipeline deaths also rose. Aviation and marine deaths involving cargo transport, commercial fishing, recreational boating and commercial passenger marine vehicles dropped. Recreational boating deaths comprised 658 of the 694 marine deaths.

A car accident victim or their family should seek immediate legal representation. An attorney can help assure that they can pursue their right to compensation and pursue their personal injury actions in court and settlement negotiations.

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