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December 2018 Archives

How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

Today’s commercial truck drivers often face long hours, inconsistent schedules and lengthy stints by themselves, among other hardships, but in some cases, these tough conditions are leading semitruck drivers to take risks that endanger everyone on the road. According to the results of 36 different studies, many truck drivers admit to using drugs and alcohol while on the job, and they do so despite the fact that their careless actions can dramatically hinder their ability to drive.

U.S. Supreme Court to decide important defendant rights

The U.S. Bill of Rights is intended to protect the rights of Americans in criminal prosecutions. However, some of its guarantees do not apply to the states. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently reviewing whether states should incorporate all of these rights. Its ruling, expected in June, could greatly impact criminal defense rights in Indiana.

Government assesses motorcycle accident risks

Motorcycling is liberating and exciting, but riding comes at the cost of having the highest risk of injury among all vehicle users in this country. A recent National Transportation Safety Board report analyzed the most recent data and reported on the greatest risks associated with motorcycle accidents.

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