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February 2019 Archives

An introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability

Generally speaking, truck drivers and bus drivers are trained professionals who - on average - are safer drivers than the population at large. Still, all drivers make mistakes. But when a truck or bus driver makes a mistake, the consequences can be much more severe than when a passenger car driver does so. This is because of the great size and mass of semitrailers and buses. Continue reading for a brief introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability.

What steps must be undertaken in family law court for divorce?

Divorce is a very common civil law action that many Indiana residents will experience during their lives. Divorce obviously ends with the termination of the spouses' marriage, but how do the spouses get to that point? This blog post will provide readers with a quick summary of the steps that must be undertaken during the divorce process.

You don't have to face a wrongful death case alone

The loss of a loved one can be an emotionally devastating event. Family and friends must carry on without their loved one. Particularly for families, it can also be a financially devastating event. Funeral expenses and loss of income can be problematic. If the death in question happened because of the wrong actions of another party, there may be a way to hold that party accountable for their actions.

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