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An introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability

Generally speaking, truck drivers and bus drivers are trained professionals who - on average - are safer drivers than the population at large. Still, all drivers make mistakes. But when a truck or bus driver makes a mistake, the consequences can be much more severe than when a passenger car driver does so. This is because of the great size and mass of semitrailers and buses. Continue reading for a brief introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability.

Like all drivers, commercial vehicle drivers have a duty to the public in Evansville. They must exercise a reasonable degree of care to avoid injuring other persons. If they breach this duty to the public, and someone else suffers an injury because of it, that other person may be entitled to compensation. Who would owe the compensation? Liable parties could include the truck driver, the truck driver's employer or agency, and the owner of the truck.

There are any number of possible reasons for a truck driver or bus driver to breach their duty of due care. One of these is driver fatigue. Drivers are supposed to follow federal regulations governing the number of hours they can drive and the number of hours they must rest during a day and a week. If a driver drives for more hours than is permitted by federal regulations, and a commercial vehicle accident happens because of driver fatigue, liability could exist to injured parties.

Semitrailer trucks are susceptible to a number of conditions that could give rise to an accident. One of these is jackknifing. This happens when the truck enters an uncontrolled skid. If the skid happened because of negligent driving on the part of the truck driver, any resulting injuries could give rise to liability.

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