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April 2019 Archives

Attorneys help clients develop strong criminal defense strategies

When a person in Evansville is charged with a crime, it may be one of the worst days of their life. After all, their future is suddenly very uncertain. They may wonder, how will they defend themselves before a judge and jury? And even more upsetting, what will happen if they are found guilty? Especially if a person has no experience with the criminal trial process, being accused of a crime can be a time of great stress.

Motorcycle season is here

Spring has sprung which means drivers will begin seeing an increased number of motorcyclists on the highways. As is the case almost every year, we are already finding reports of accidents involving motorcycles. On Wednesday, April 3rd, one took place on the Lloyd Expressway westbound, near Highway 41, at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Proving lost wages when you are self employed

A portion of proceeds awarded in car accident cases are usually for lost wages and income. This is money that a victim did, or would in the future miss out on due to injuries sustained in the crash that left he or she unable to work. Whereas "lost wages" for a regular full-time employee of a business could include lost income, compensation, or benefits, they would also include profits, future contracts, potential business opportunities and lost good will for a person who is considered self-employed. Lost wages should never be confused with "lost earning capacity", as they are two different types of damages.

Two fatalities in I-70 accidents involving commercial vehicles

Interstate 70 westbound in Putnamville, IN was a disaster on Saturday, March 16th. A total of three separate accidents occurred, claiming the lives of two people altogether. The first accident happened during the morning near the exit for State Road 46. It involved two commercial vehicles and five passenger vehicles, resulting in one fatality. The second accident occurred a few hours later at mile marker 17. It is unclear whether it involved only passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles as well. The third accident occurred at mile marker 48.6 and, again, it is unclear what types of vehicles were involved.

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