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May 2019 Archives

Decades of crash data show trends, both good and bad

For decades, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has kept extensive records of accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses. By compiling annual statistics about these accidents, the FMCSA reveals trends that can give us a better sense of the safety of U.S. roadways.

Can the injured file suit if they were partly at fault?

After a negligent driver injures someone else in a car accident, Indiana law provides that the injured can hold the negligent driver liable for their damages. This is the legal foundation of many personal injury claims based on car accidents. However, negligence and liability are not always straightforward. In some cases, a court can find that more than one driver acted negligently. Does this mean no one can recover compensation?

3 tips for a successful parenting agreement

When parents divorce in Evansville, their obligations to each other are over. Their parental duties remain intact and proper communication and collaboration are necessary to ensure their children receive the care and support they deserve. Couples often spend most of their time fighting over the split of assets during the divorce process. It is not uncommon for them to find themselves at odds over how to continue parenting their kids once the ink is dry on their decree. 

Help for domestic violence charges and accusations

Domestic violence can be a sensitive issue impacting families and communities and, as a result, there are many resources available to help family members and other parties involved in domestic violence situations and circumstances. One type of resource available to those impacted by domestic assault includes legal resources that may be available to parties involved in domestic assault situations.

Taking action after a motorcycle accident

With warm weather now sticking around in Indiana and other states across the nation, more motorcyclists can be observed on the roadways. While this means more bikers out enjoying the outdoors and open road, it also means more chances for motorcycle accidents. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of other motorists failing to see these smaller vehicles traveling by them.

How serious is the issue of truck driver fatigue?

Trucking is an important component our nation's economy, allowing manufacturers of goods in Indiana to send their wares across the nation for sale. However, trucking is a business and, as such, businesses will attempt to make as big a profit as possible. This means that trucking companies may provide financial incentives to truckers who make quick deliveries. Unfortunately, this can also lead to truck driver fatigue.

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