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3 tips for a successful parenting agreement

When parents divorce in Evansville, their obligations to each other are over. Their parental duties remain intact and proper communication and collaboration are necessary to ensure their children receive the care and support they deserve. Couples often spend most of their time fighting over the split of assets during the divorce process. It is not uncommon for them to find themselves at odds over how to continue parenting their kids once the ink is dry on their decree. 

To help alleviate the challenges of co-parenting, the courts encourage parents to create a parenting agreement that outlines their parental expectations and responsibilities. Parenting plans help to prevent conflict and ensure the well-being and protection of the kids. The courts typically approve agreements that involve the best interests of the children, though parents do have some discretion. When creating parenting plans, parents should take the following factors into consideration. 

1. Establish a process for decisions 

A plan helps to minimize disagreements and confusion, but it is not always possible to anticipate all issues that may come up. Both parents should work out a process that can help prevent future disagreements and resolve problems as they come up. The more detailed the plan, the better. 

2. Make the parenting plan flexible 

A good parenting plan has provisions that enhance its flexibility to account for unexpected and unforeseeable events that could make it challenging for both parties to uphold their end of the arrangement. 

3. Be considerate of parenting time 

Sometimes, bad feelings and situations can arise when one parent schedules an activity during a time when the kids are supposed to be with the other parent. Unless the other party consents to this, this is a path to avoid. The children are the ones who suffer when one parent cheats them out of the time they should rightfully have with their other parental figure.

To keep the playing field even, it is advisable to include a provision in the parenting plan outlining the steps that parents must take if they need temporary changes to the custody and parenting agreement.

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