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Help for domestic violence charges and accusations

Domestic violence can be a sensitive issue impacting families and communities and, as a result, there are many resources available to help family members and other parties involved in domestic violence situations and circumstances. One type of resource available to those impacted by domestic assault includes legal resources that may be available to parties involved in domestic assault situations.

One type of legal resource that is available includes legal resources for individuals facing domestic assault accusations, allegations and criminal charges. The consequences of domestic violence charges can be significant and immediate. They can include restrictions against returning home; on the accused individual's ability to see their children; a prohibition against keeping firearms; and the inability to contact in any manner the individual who has made the accusations against them. Other requirements may be placed on the accused individual as well.

A protective order can be issued that places these restrictions and limitations on the accused individual. On top of that, if the accused individual is then accused of violating the protective order, that can lead to additional potential penalties and consequences for the accused individual and is considered a crime itself. Criminal charges, including domestic violence and assault charges, can result in a criminal record and a criminal history that can make it difficult to obtain housing, education opportunities or employment.

Criminal defense options can help accused individuals facing any type of criminal charge manage the potential penalties and consequences they are facing. It is important to take a careful look at the facts and circumstances surrounding any criminal and determine the best options for the accused individual when facing accusations of domestic assault.

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