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Motorcyclist killed when car driver violates right of way

Every good motorcyclist understands the risks they face, and exercises caution when on the road. They watch the road ahead of them, signal their turns, wear helmets and take other actions to protect themselves. Unfortunately, there's only so much a motorcyclist can do to protect against other vehicles on the road.

Recently in Indiana, an 18-year-old man died in a motorcycle-car collision. According to police, the man was riding eastbound through an intersection in Anderson, Indiana, when a car driver traveling westbound unexpectedly made a left turn, driving directly into the motorcyclist's path. Police said the car driver did not see the motorcyclist.

Anderson Police said it was the second fatal motorcycle accident they had seen in one day.

Accidents like this one are frighteningly common. Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle happen after the other driver violated the motorcyclist's right of way, by some estimates. It's also common for drivers after an accident to say they didn't see the motorcyclist until it was too late. Since motorcyclists are so much more vulnerable than occupants of cars or trucks, any collision between a larger vehicle and a motorcycle can lead to serious injury or death for the motorcyclist, even when the other driver is unhurt and the car or truck suffers little more than a scratch.

Drivers have a duty to other people on the road to exercise care so as to avoid collisions. When they breach this duty, causing injury to someone else, they have committed negligence. People who have been injured due to another driver's negligence may hold the negligent driver liable for their damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and more. In the event of a fatal accident, the victim's immediate family members may recover compensation for their damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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