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Failure to yield right-of-way kills four, including two children

Traffic signals and signs play important roles on today's roads. They regulate the flow of traffic, manage traffic at busy intersections, limit speeds and prevent collisions. Unhappily, drivers occasionally ignore these signs, and the result is often an accident with multiple injuries or deaths. A recent car accident near Elnora, Indiana appears to have been the result of one driver's failure to yield the right-of-way to another vehicle, and four people, including two children, died as the result.

A car heading southbound on County Highway 425E failed to obey a yield right-of-way sign for Highway 58 and was struck by a west bound vehicle. The southbound vehicle was carrying a driver and three passengers. All four were pronounced dead at the scene. Two of the victims were children under the age of eight. One of the deceased children was the daughter of the driver who died. The other two victims were a woman aged 24 and another young girl, aged seven. The driver of the westbound vehicle suffered a head injury and was transported to Daviess Community Hospital.

Police have given no reason for the deceased driver's failure to yield the right-of-way. Neither alcohol nor drugs appears to have been a causal factor, but police said that toxicology reports are pending. The Daviess County Sheriff's Office and local law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigation of the accident.

Sorting out liability in an accident of this nature can be very difficult. The obvious target for liability is the driver who failed to yield the right of way, but no information has been released about the speed of the westbound truck on Highway 58 or the mechanical condition of either vehicle. If the toxicology studies reveal that either driver was intoxicated, the allocation of liability may be much easier. Also, judging by the names of the victims, one of the young girls does not appear to have been related to the driver who failed to yield, and her family may have a claim against the driver of the truck in which she was riding.

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