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Car accidents may result in traumatic brain injuries

Victims of car accidents can suffer a range of injuries to different parts of their bodies. While some Indiana residents may be able to walk away from collisions, others may suffer life-threatening harm. In the wake of a car accident or other motor vehicle incident, victims should seek medical help to make sure that they are not suffering from a hidden medical emergency.

Former NFL player killed in motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are popular vehicles for individuals throughout the state of Indiana to drive and many choose to ride motorcycles in lieu of driving four-wheeled cars. While motorcycles are safe when they are properly driven and riders use safety equipment like helmets, motorcyclists can be put into harm's way when other drivers fail to take proper precautions around them. Not long ago a former player for the National Football League was killed when another motorist hit him while he was riding his motorcycle.

What child custody options are available in Indiana?

In Indiana, parents have the option of establishing their own child custody arrangements through agreements. While these agreements must protect and promote the best interests of the children that will be impacted by their execution, parents can establish schedules that will work for their lives. However, when parents cannot make agreements about how to care for their children after their separations or divorces, the courts will take an active role in creating plans for the kids' needs.

An overview of Indiana's wrongful death laws

A wrongful death may occur when a person dies due to the actions of another person. Wrongful deaths can be the result of negligence, recklessness, criminal conduct and other actions. In Indiana, certain laws dictate just who may pursue wrongful death damages, when they must do so and what losses they may not be able to seek through their lawsuits.

Legal support for victims of car accidents

A car accident can be a painful, traumatic and financially draining experience. When an Indiana family is affected by such a tragedy the members may be surprised how deeply and diversely they experience harm. From physical injuries to financial loss, a car accident can drastically change the way that a family plans for the future.

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