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Car accidents may result in traumatic brain injuries

Victims of car accidents can suffer a range of injuries to different parts of their bodies. While some Indiana residents may be able to walk away from collisions, others may suffer life-threatening harm. In the wake of a car accident or other motor vehicle incident, victims should seek medical help to make sure that they are not suffering from a hidden medical emergency.

For example, one serious medical condition that can result from collisions is a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can be called a "TBI" for short, and a traumatic brain injury can result when a victim suffers a hit or penetration injury to their head. Just like other car accident injuries, traumatic brain injuries can be mild or very serious.

Mild TBI may result in a pain, disorientation and even issues with focus or concentration. A person who suffers a mild TBI may or may not lose consciousness when the injury occurs. However, when a person suffers a more serious TBI, their symptoms may be more significant. They may have worsening pain and prolonged symptoms of nausea, their coordination may be significantly altered and they may experience numbness and problems staying awake.

TBIs that can result from car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions are serious injuries. Some TBI victims may be affected for their entire lives and litigation may allow them to recover damages so that they can receive the support they need. Any victims in Indiana may need to investigate the potential legal options in their own unique case.

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