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What child custody options are available in Indiana?

In Indiana, parents have the option of establishing their own child custody arrangements through agreements. While these agreements must protect and promote the best interests of the children that will be impacted by their execution, parents can establish schedules that will work for their lives. However, when parents cannot make agreements about how to care for their children after their separations or divorces, the courts will take an active role in creating plans for the kids' needs.

Child custody plans can take on different forms. Custody refers to both legal and physical custody of children, with legal custody concerning how important decisions are made about their care and physical custody concerning where and with whom they will live. In the state, child custody can be shared between the parents or it may be granted solely to one of the children's parents.

At the heart of child custody matters are the best interests of the child, and depending upon a child's individual needs, their best interests may be very different from those of other kids. Factors such as the age and health of the child, their relationship with their parents and other family members, and their own preference if they are old enough to form one can be considered by the court.

Because family law matters turn on child-specific considerations it is important that readers remember it is not possible to predict how they will resolve in court. Readers with concerns about their own child custody and family law legal issues are encouraged to seek legal help from attorneys that they know and trust. This post offers information only to its readers and should not be used as legal guidance.

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