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Running red lights leads to vehicle accident fatalities

Red lights are important traffic signals. When drivers see glowing red indicators at intersections they are expected to stop their vehicles and wait until the indicators turn to green. When such a change happens, a driver has the right to move forward through the intersection.

Although that may seem like a basic premise, when Indiana drivers fail to see and stop at red lights, dangerous and sometimes deadly situations arise. That is because when one direction of an intersection is supposed to be stopped, another direction has the right to move. A driver who runs a red light may cause a collision with other vehicles that have the right to be in the intersection.

According to a recent study, running red lights is at a 10-year high and deaths from such accidents are up over such deaths in prior years. Data from the study suggests that at least two people in America die from red light running each day and that many such victims are passengers in vehicles that are hit by red light runners. One of the main reasons that red light running is on the rise throughout the nation is due to the increase in distracted driving. Although many driving behaviors may constitute distracted driving, cell phone use while driving, such as texting and using the Internet, may draw drivers' attention away from the roads and cause them to collide with other vehicles.

Distracted driving is dangerous and the results of the mentioned study support this fact. When drivers allow their attention to shift away from the important task of operating their vehicles, they may run red lights or break other important traffic and safety laws. Their actions may result in wrongful deaths, pain and suffering and other significant losses.

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