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Your wrists may sustain serious harm in a car accident

Serious car accidents are not exactly rare in the Hoosier State. In fact, according to the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, more than 900 Indianans lost their lives in car crashes in 2017. Another 50,000 suffered some type of injury. Even though you may never have experienced a collision before, eventually, you may find yourself dealing with the aftermath of one. 

During any automobile collision, whether minor or severe, you may expect to injure certain parts of your body. After all, whiplash, soft-tissue strain and traumatic brain injuries tend to occur frequently in car crashes. Still, you may experience wrist pain after an accident. If you have ever had to deal with a sore or numb wrist, you know how consequential a wrist injury can be. Here are three wrist injuries that may occur in a car accident: 

1. Wrist fractures 

If you strain your wrist during a collision or hit it on a stationary object, you may develop a fracture. Fractures can be small or compound, where bones protrude from the skin. Unfortunately, not all wrist fractures are easy to diagnose. For example, inside your wrist, you have a scaphoid bone. This bone is tiny, so seeing a painful fracture on the bone in an X-ray can be tough. 

2. Wrist sprains 

With a wrist sprain, your bones do not break. Instead, you sustain some type of injury to the ligaments and other connective tissues in the wrist. In severe cases, the ligament may tear entirely. As you may suspect, there are levels of severity when it comes to wrist sprain. Yet, even a low-level sprain can require extensive rehabilitation. 

3. Lacerations 

You have hundreds of blood vessels, veins and capillaries in your wrist. If your wrist encounters broken glass or a sharp object during a crash, you may cut yourself. A deep laceration can cause life-threatening blood loss. Even smaller cuts can be problematic, though. 

Even though you are apt to notice injuries to other parts of your body immediately, you simply cannot ignore your wrist health after a car crash. If you sustain some type of wrist injury, you must act quickly to ensure you receive adequate medical treatment and follow-up care.

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