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Negligence and a driver's duty of care to others

Accidents happen frequently on Indiana roads and oftentimes negligence is to blame. "Negligence" is a legal theory that suggests that individuals fail to act as they should and, as a result, cause damages and injuries to themselves and others. Generally, when a person acts negligently and inflicts harm on another person, the victim may be entitled to seek the recovery of losses as damages.

In terms of car accidents, negligence is a common basis on which litigation is founded. Drivers generally have a duty of care to others when they get behind the wheels of their cars, and that duty includes acting as a reasonable person would in the same situation. Reasonable people could be said to know driving laws and safe practices, understand that distractions are dangerous and should be avoided and use their common sense to avoid creating dangerous situations for others on roads and highways.

The facts of individual car accident cases will guide victims to how best to set up their negligence-based claims. It is important to devise litigation strategies that may offer victims opportunities to ask for and recover the losses they endured from their involvement in a car accident.

Negligence can happen in many different places and can result in many different types of injuries and losses. It may be alleged by victims of car accidents when those who hurt them failed to act reasonably and follow the rules that they were bound to follow. Anyone in Indiana who may have a valid claim after a car accident may need to get more information about legal options.

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