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Fighting against motorist negligence in motorcycle accidents

Many motorcyclists in Indiana have put their motorcycles up in storage as the winter weather moves in, but they eagerly look forward to getting back out on the road in the spring. While the winter months obviously lead to fewer motorcycle accidents occurring on the roads, motorist negligence will continue to be a pressing matter for Indiana residents.

In fact, throughout the whole country there is a certain level of a lack of attention from drivers of passenger vehicles when it comes to motorcycles they share the road with. Simply put, drivers are oftentimes negligent in that they don't even notice motorcycles, or they are unable to accurately determine how fast a motorcycle is moving or when it might come close to the passenger vehicle. All of this comes despite the fact that many motorcyclists in Indiana take all of the appropriate safety measures, such as wearing helmets and reflective clothing, as well as obeying all applicable traffic safety laws.

When a motorcycle accident does occur, the injuries that a motorcyclist can suffer may be catastrophic. Traumatic brain injuries, commonly known as "TBIs," might occur, as can back injuries and broken bones, among many other potential injuries. As injured motorcyclists receive medical attention to, hopefully, recover their health, medical bills can pile up over weeks, months and even years.

At our law firm, we work with injured motorcyclists who believe that the accident they were involved in was caused due to another driver's negligence. For more information about how we attempt to help Indiana residents who find themselves in these situations, please visit the motorcycle accident overview section of our law firm's website.

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