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December 2019 Archives

Taking the right steps in family law matters in Indiana

No one expects to end up in a courtroom but, aside from traffic ticket court, one common court that Indiana residents may find themselves in is family court. From divorce cases to paternity issues, guardianship issues to adoptions, a family law issue may pop up in your life at some point.

An overview of the jury trial process in a criminal case

Facing a criminal jury trial can be daunting, but if a defendant doesn't understand the process of what will happen over the course of the trial it can make the emotional stress of such an event much more taxing. It is important for criminal defendants in Indiana to have an overview of the trial process.

License suspension and DUI

Driving is a privilege, and certain actions may result in drivers losing that opportunity. In fact, dangerous acts, such as driving under the influence, may result in the loss of driving privileges while facing criminal charges.

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