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License suspension and DUI

Driving is a privilege, and certain actions may result in drivers losing that opportunity. In fact, dangerous acts, such as driving under the influence, may result in the loss of driving privileges while facing criminal charges.

Fighting a DUI may not be easy; however, having an understanding of the process may aid parties in determining the best course of action. There are a few key facts to know about DUIs and license suspensions.

Implied consent

In the state of Indiana, implied consent applies to all drivers. In short, this means that by simply getting behind the wheel, drivers consent to completing a sobriety test when asked by law enforcement. If a person is pulled over on suspicion of DUI and refuses a sobriety test when asked by the arresting officer to complete one, that person will face license suspension, along with possible additional charges. It is important to note that for non-compliance to apply, the officer must explain the ramifications of non-compliance with the sobriety test request.

License suspension

According to the law, a license suspension can range from 180 days up to two years for most common infractions. However, if the DUI involves additional elements, such as severe property damage or injury to other parties, it may increase or result in  loss of driving privileges. Therefore, it is imperative that parties understand the full scope of the charges they face.

Regaining privileges

When law enforcement suspends a driver's license, that person receives instructions on possible  for regaining said privileges. In some cases, parties may have to request and attend a hearing. Usually, when that is the case, drivers can apply for a restricted license that allows them to drive for necessities, such as work and court, until the hearing. If the charge is a small infraction, those charged may be able to regain privileges by simply paying a fine and attending a driving course.

While the details of a DUI and license suspension may vary, the key facts are the same. It may be beneficial for motorists to become familiar with the state's complete DUI law.

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