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Did your car accident cause traumatic brain injury?

People can suffer traumatic brain injury if they sustain a blow to the head. Car crashes rank among top causes of TBI, along with falls and being struck with objects, because they typically involve an impact, often when the vehicle has been traveling at a high speed. In such cases, TBI can be a possibility even without a direct impact to the head because the force of the stop causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull.

2 tactics to help fathers fight for child custody

If you are a father and fighting for custody of your kids, you might fear that the courts will rule in your ex-partner's favor. Though courts have historically awarded custody to mothers, things are changing. As an Evansville area resident, you generally can expect for the courts to take your role and relationship with your kids into consideration with the same weight they would consider their other parent. 

How to avoid medication impairment and car accidents

One issue that has a significant impact on motorist safety in Evansville area is driver impairment. You may think that the only substances that can cause impairment are alcohol and illegal narcotics. But some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines can cause drivers to respond in the same way, acting intoxicated and making poor judgment calls when they are on the roads. 

3 common causes of wrongful death

Nothing is more precious than life, and it is every person’s responsibility to act with an awareness of the lives around them. Unfortunately, negligence and deliberate disregard lead to fatalities in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this number is as high as 135,928 every year. These fatal, unintentional injuries are only made more tragic by the fact that they might have been prevented.

Divorcing a mentally ill spouse: Things to consider

Living with a spouse in Evansville who has a mental illness can be hard. You may feel as if you are on a constant rollercoaster from all the changes you have experienced with your partner up until this point in your life. You may feel guilty about divorcing your partner, but staying in a relationship that is unhealthy can prove toxic and chaotic for the entire family. 

What makes semi-trucks so dangerous

If you find yourself instinctively increasing your caution when you notice a commercial truck in the next lane, you have good instincts. Semi-trailer trucks present several unique dangers on the road. Knowing about them can help you stay safer.

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