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$225 drug conviction has $42,000 price tag

Any criminal conviction can have long-term consequences. Even though a criminal defense can reduce charges, a person may still face catastrophic financial and personal penalties. In one case pending before the US Supreme Court, a person a lost his $42,000 Land Rover under Indiana's civil forfeiture laws because of his conviction for a $225 drug transaction that did not lead to imprisonment.

Rental car rights drive forward

Most people in Evansville have been pulled over by police while driving, or know someone who has. Sometimes these traffic stops lead to criminal charges. In such situations, one's criminal defense strategy often depends on what happened when the police stopped the defendant in their vehicle and searched for drugs and other evidence. The U.S. Supreme Court recently expanded constitutional protections by ruling that people who borrow rental cars from a friend or family member generally have the same protections as the car's authorized driver during police searches. Prior to this ruling, police could pull over rent-a-car drivers who commit a minor traffic violation, because they could then search the car if that driver was not listed on the rental application.

Indiana licensing law removes criminal record obstacle

A criminal record can have long-term consequences, such as blocking access to certain jobs. Although every citizen has the right to mount a strong criminal defense, 1.19 million people in Indiana or one in four adults in this state have an arrest or conviction record.

Police on call for broken window arrest 2 on drug charges

Evansville police arrested two occupants of an apartment in the area after they allegedly found several different types of drugs in the apartment unit, including evidence of an operation involving the growing of marijuana. Several drug charges are now pending against the apartment's occupants.

Man arrested after Evansville resident dies of overdose

Residents of Indiana and the surrounding states all likely know that a drug charge, particularly if the charge involves selling drugs, is a serious matter. As a recent case in the local news illustrates, these charges are particularly serious if they arise in connection with someone's death by overdose.

Employee, boss arrested in attempted arson case

A man from Evansville is facing charges that he attempted to burn down the house of his ex-girlfriend and also tried to burn her vehicle. It was not clear exactly how large of a fire this man allegedly attempted to set, nor was it clear whether this was the result of a dispute between he and his ex-girlfriend, who at one point were engaged to be married.

Facing criminal charges? Consider acquiring legal help

There are many aspects to a criminal prosecution. Physical evidence must be gathered, witnesses must testify, and prosecutors must put it all together with convincing legal arguments that persuade a jury that a defendant is guilty before a conviction can be obtained. Even each of these elements have smaller, yet just as complex, issues. For example, as we discussed on the blog last week, physical evidence may be drawn into questions when the legality of a search and seizure is at issue. Other matters, like chain of custody and witness bias, can play a critical role in a criminal case, too.

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