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Taking the right steps in family law matters in Indiana

No one expects to end up in a courtroom but, aside from traffic ticket court, one common court that Indiana residents may find themselves in is family court. From divorce cases to paternity issues, guardianship issues to adoptions, a family law issue may pop up in your life at some point.

As divorce rates fall, concerns remain

Many of our readers in Indiana have probably seen news reports in recent years that state that the divorce rate in America is dropping. Such a blanket statement may seem like cause for celebration, but, as one recent article noted, there may be more to this statistic than can be discerned at first blush.

When is spousal support awarded during a divorce?

There is no guarantee that Indiana residents who seeks spousal support from their soon-to-be ex-spouse will receive it. In some cases, particularly when a person lacks the financial capacity to care for themselves or their child due a physical or mental disability, spousal support may be awarded to ensure that people can cover their needs. However, in other cases, spousal support may be awarded if a court deems it necessary in a specific situation.

What child custody options are available in Indiana?

In Indiana, parents have the option of establishing their own child custody arrangements through agreements. While these agreements must protect and promote the best interests of the children that will be impacted by their execution, parents can establish schedules that will work for their lives. However, when parents cannot make agreements about how to care for their children after their separations or divorces, the courts will take an active role in creating plans for the kids' needs.

No-fault divorce

Many people who are considering going through a divorce imagine they will have to argue their case in court. Some of these people may want the chance to go on the stand and tell their side of the story to a courtroom. Others may dread the idea of airing their dirty laundry, so to speak, in front of strangers.

Do Indiana grandparents have child visitation rights?

The Indiana legislature established the Grandparent Visitation Act in 1982 to allow a grandparent to seek visitation with a grandchild under certain circumstances. It is based on the assumption of only occasional, temporary visitation, and cannot interfere with or infringe on a parent's upbringing of, education of, or religious decisions for a child.

What steps must be undertaken in family law court for divorce?

Divorce is a very common civil law action that many Indiana residents will experience during their lives. Divorce obviously ends with the termination of the spouses' marriage, but how do the spouses get to that point? This blog post will provide readers with a quick summary of the steps that must be undertaken during the divorce process.

Benefits of joint custody over sole custody

Divorce can spark a wide range of desires for divorcing parents. If disputes are running high and spouses are not getting along, this could cause some divorcing parents to seek contrasting parenting plans for their children. While some parents may work tirelessly to obtain primary custody, allowing only visitation to the other parent, other parents may find that joint custody may be more ideal for everyone involved.

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