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Fighting against motorist negligence in motorcycle accidents

Many motorcyclists in Indiana have put their motorcycles up in storage as the winter weather moves in, but they eagerly look forward to getting back out on the road in the spring. While the winter months obviously lead to fewer motorcycle accidents occurring on the roads, motorist negligence will continue to be a pressing matter for Indiana residents.

Motorcyclist dead after collision with SUV

Motor vehicle accidents happen often on Indiana roads and some are unfortunately serious. When individuals suffer life-threatening harm due to the negligent actions of others, they can find themselves fighting for their health and at the mercy of those who are caring for them. These individuals may be considered lucky, though, since some vehicle accident victims do not survive their ordeals.

Former NFL player killed in motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are popular vehicles for individuals throughout the state of Indiana to drive and many choose to ride motorcycles in lieu of driving four-wheeled cars. While motorcycles are safe when they are properly driven and riders use safety equipment like helmets, motorcyclists can be put into harm's way when other drivers fail to take proper precautions around them. Not long ago a former player for the National Football League was killed when another motorist hit him while he was riding his motorcycle.

Fourth of July motorcycle crash kills one, injures another

Motorcycle accidents generally involve one motorcycle and at least one other type of vehicle. Only rarely do two motorcycles collide with each other. A 4th of July motorcycle accident in Parke County provides a sad example of what can happen if two bikes collide.

7 dead, 3 injured after pickup truck crashes into motorcyclists

When we discuss motorcycle accidents on this blog, ordinarily we stick to accidents here in Indiana. Certainly, our state has more than enough motorcycle accidents of its own, without having to look elsewhere for stories. However, a recent incident in another state was so outrageous and tragic that it is worth serious consideration.

Motorcyclist killed when car driver violates right of way

Every good motorcyclist understands the risks they face, and exercises caution when on the road. They watch the road ahead of them, signal their turns, wear helmets and take other actions to protect themselves. Unfortunately, there's only so much a motorcyclist can do to protect against other vehicles on the road.

Taking action after a motorcycle accident

With warm weather now sticking around in Indiana and other states across the nation, more motorcyclists can be observed on the roadways. While this means more bikers out enjoying the outdoors and open road, it also means more chances for motorcycle accidents. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of other motorists failing to see these smaller vehicles traveling by them.

Motorcycle season is here

Spring has sprung which means drivers will begin seeing an increased number of motorcyclists on the highways. As is the case almost every year, we are already finding reports of accidents involving motorcycles. On Wednesday, April 3rd, one took place on the Lloyd Expressway westbound, near Highway 41, at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Motorcycle safety review for riders and other drivers

Motorists driving other vehicles have just as much responsibility in keeping motorcycle riders safe as the motorcyclists do themselves. With springtime just around the corner, the number of motorcycles on Indiana roads will increase substantially, making this the perfect time to review some safety measures that can be taken by both parties.

Government assesses motorcycle accident risks

Motorcycling is liberating and exciting, but riding comes at the cost of having the highest risk of injury among all vehicle users in this country. A recent National Transportation Safety Board report analyzed the most recent data and reported on the greatest risks associated with motorcycle accidents.

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