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Causes of limousine accident revealed

Our readers may remember that last year a limousine accident near Albany, New York, caused the deaths of 17 passengers, its driver and two pedestrians. Recent investigations on the cause of this fatal accident revealed problems that disclose risks of commercial vehicle accidents across the country.

Strong litigation strategies to help accident victims

Commercial vehicles are automobiles used to conduct for-profit business. The delivery trucks that bring packages to Evansville neighborhoods, the semis that transport goods across the country and even the buses that drive individuals to where they need to go may all qualify as commercial vehicles.

Decades of crash data show trends, both good and bad

For decades, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has kept extensive records of accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses. By compiling annual statistics about these accidents, the FMCSA reveals trends that can give us a better sense of the safety of U.S. roadways.

How serious is the issue of truck driver fatigue?

Trucking is an important component our nation's economy, allowing manufacturers of goods in Indiana to send their wares across the nation for sale. However, trucking is a business and, as such, businesses will attempt to make as big a profit as possible. This means that trucking companies may provide financial incentives to truckers who make quick deliveries. Unfortunately, this can also lead to truck driver fatigue.

Two fatalities in I-70 accidents involving commercial vehicles

Interstate 70 westbound in Putnamville, IN was a disaster on Saturday, March 16th. A total of three separate accidents occurred, claiming the lives of two people altogether. The first accident happened during the morning near the exit for State Road 46. It involved two commercial vehicles and five passenger vehicles, resulting in one fatality. The second accident occurred a few hours later at mile marker 17. It is unclear whether it involved only passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles as well. The third accident occurred at mile marker 48.6 and, again, it is unclear what types of vehicles were involved.

An introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability

Generally speaking, truck drivers and bus drivers are trained professionals who - on average - are safer drivers than the population at large. Still, all drivers make mistakes. But when a truck or bus driver makes a mistake, the consequences can be much more severe than when a passenger car driver does so. This is because of the great size and mass of semitrailers and buses. Continue reading for a brief introduction to commercial vehicle accidents and liability.

Commercial vehicle deaths rising

Deaths from crashes involving large trucks and buses rose in 2017, the latest year that figures are available. Speeding was among the major culprits of this increase in commercial vehicle accidents, according to the assistant administrator and chief safety officer of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Stretch limo rides are not always a celebration

Stretch limousines have been used as transportation for weddings or birthdays because these vehicles can hold more than dozen partiers and keep drunk drivers off the road. However, the absence of regulations have increased the odd of commercial vehicle accidents involving limousines.

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